What better way to reduce your carbon footprint than to live and work in the same neighborhood? With several major employers within walking or biking distance, your earth-friendly commuting options just increased!

Some of the employers within walking/biking distance include:

  • St. Elizabeth Hospital
  • Affinity Health System
  • Grubb & Ellis
  • West Business Services
  • Financial Institutions
  • Theda Care
  • Hoffman
  • Lawrence University
  • Schenk Business Center
  • Radisson Paper Valley Hotel & Conference Center

To inquire about relocating your business to Eagle Flats neighborhood, contact us at

A Unique Sense of Place

Four main attributes help define a GREAT place, according to Project for Public Spaces:

  • Easily accessible

  • Provides recreational &
    social activities

  • Creates a comfortable,
    positive image

  • Sociable place where people like to gather

In addition to being accessible, successful placemaking connects people with each other. A major emphasis of this development project is to create walkable and transit links to neighboring destinations, including Downtown Appleton. Several public input sessions will be held to gather feedback about what types of new places would enhance the area.