Project Partners

  • Stadtmueller & Associates, consultant

    Stadtmueller & Associates was launched in 2002 when a need arose for objective advice in development projects that would enhance and revitalize neighborhoods and communities. Our team’s expertise comes from personal experience and education in urban planning, community development and property management. Turning urban plight into urban renewal is our ultimate goal.

  • Horizon Development Group

    Horizon specializes in the design, development, construction and management of independent and assisted senior housing as well as master-planned multi-use neighborhoods. In addition, Horizon has extensive experience in all forms of commercial, retail, and themed hotel waterpark resorts. Since 1984 our commitment outstanding performance and integrity in every aspect of our business has prevailed. We continue to provide our clients with comprehensive design solutions, quality construction service, and excellence in property management — all based on a vision driven by values.

Public-Private Partnerships

A Unique Sense of Place

Four main attributes help define a GREAT place, according to Project for Public Spaces:

  • Easily accessible

  • Provides recreational &
    social activities

  • Creates a comfortable,
    positive image

  • Sociable place where people like to gather

In addition to being accessible, successful placemaking connects people with each other. A major emphasis of this development project is to create walkable and transit links to neighboring destinations, including Downtown Appleton. Several public input sessions will be held to gather feedback about what types of new places would enhance the area.