Green Living in the Fox Cities

Make a difference by living at Eagle Flats

  • Your Ecological Footprint estimates the area of land and ocean required to support your consumption of food, goods, services, housing, and energy from start to finish. It is one of the most common means of helping measure sustainability. On average, Americans require about 24 acres of land support their lifestyle. This is the equivalent of 18 football fields.

How does living at Eagle Flats reduce your ecological footprint?

  • River preservation/restoration – This neighborhood development included extensive groundwater and land remediation efforts.
  • Energy Efficient Building – Following green architectural standards, the new apartment building will be created using eco-friendly materials and energy efficient standards.
  • Walkable Lifestyle – Reduce your carbon footprint by walking to work, school & downtown.

A Unique Sense of Place

Four main attributes help define a GREAT place, according to Project for Public Spaces:

  • Easily accessible

  • Provides recreational &
    social activities

  • Creates a comfortable,
    positive image

  • Sociable place where people like to gather

In addition to being accessible, successful placemaking connects people with each other. A major emphasis of this development project is to create walkable and transit links to neighboring destinations, including Downtown Appleton. Several public input sessions will be held to gather feedback about what types of new places would enhance the area.