The Landing

Frequently Asked Questions

about The Landing at Eagle Flats

Q. What are the rental rates?

• 1 bedroom ranges in rent from $335-465.

• 2 bedroom ranges from $610-635.

• 3 bedroom rents for $750.

Q. Is this low income housing?

A. All units of this property are Section 42 (income-affordable). Rent is not based on your income, but your income is what will qualify you to live here.

Q. Is this Section 8 Housing?

A. No. The rent is not subsidized or based on your income. The rent will be the same for anyone that moves into the building, but the rent is less than market rate rent.

Q. What is the difference between “affordable” and “low income”?

A. They are considered one-in-the-same in Section 42 housing. Section 42 is a tax-based incentive for the utilization of private equity.

Q. What are the types of units that are available? Square Footage? Rooms?

There are one, two, and three bedroom units available at The Landing.

• 1 bedroom ranges from 700-730 square feet.

• 2 bedroom ranges from 1,015-1,070 square feet.

• 3 bedroom, 1,300-1,425 square feet.

Q. Is the underground parking an extra charge/fee?

A. Yes, underground parking is an additional $35.00/month.

Q. Can I see a floor plan? Are you going to post them to the website?

A. Yes, you will be able see floor plans upon request. We will be posting the floor plans to the website, but do not have a precise date as to when that will occur.

Q. How is this different from Market Rate housing?

A. Market Rate housing does not have income guidelines that tenants must qualify under in order to live in that type of housing. Income affordable rents are also less than market rate rents.

Q. What types of amenities will be included with the building?

A. There will be electronic pass entrances, a business center, fitness center, Club Room and playground.

Q. How does the application process work?

A. Section 42 applications are time-sensitive, so we are unable to accept applications until we are 120 days out from the opening of the building. We will have a Leasing Consultant that you can meet with to fill out a full application. The Leasing Consultant will ask for financial documentation, where you have lived the previous two years and landlord information, if you rented; as well as proof of age. From there, your application will be sent to our Compliance Department, where your income and assets will be verified, background and credit checks ran, and determination of income qualification to live at The Landing. This process can take two to three weeks depending on how fast Compliance receives verifications back. Once you are fully approved, you will receive a letter from our Compliance Department and a phone call from our Leasing Consultant to determine a lease start date.

We will be accepting Waitlist Applications prior to full applications. You can obtain a Waitlist Application through the Leasing Consultant or Leasing Assistant.

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A Unique Sense of Place

Four main attributes help define a GREAT place, according to Project for Public Spaces:

  • Easily accessible

  • Provides recreational &
    social activities

  • Creates a comfortable,
    positive image

  • Sociable place where people like to gather

In addition to being accessible, successful placemaking connects people with each other. A major emphasis of this development project is to create walkable and transit links to neighboring destinations, including Downtown Appleton. Several public input sessions will be held to gather feedback about what types of new places would enhance the area.